Greening the City
As previously mentioned in our last blog, Patrick, designer of the Sky Planter and founder of Boskke was speaking this week at Eco-build. Alongside him were speakers from Bio-Techture, the Federation of Green Roofing, ARUP and other industry peers. The emphasis of the days seminars at City Scape surrounded the subject area of ‘Greening the City’. In particular, the title of Patrick’s talk was ‘Harvesting your Ceiling’, a term used a lot here at Boskke and is something we believe strongly. Utilisation of vacant ceiling space to harvest green growth, herbs and potentially food crop is an important area of consideration for present and future urban living. There was lots to see at the event, with some really interesting presentations and demonstrations regarding biodiversity, new technologies and green solutions to modern urban living. If you did not make it to the event, we very much recommend making the trip next year, as it was a highly insightful and enjoyable event.

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