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We built our brand around our signature hanging planter - the original, ceramic Sky Planter. Our new Recycled Sky design comes in a more matte finish with three colour options. It is much, much lighter - creating a truly aerial look and feel.

💚 All of our planters are self-watering and use our Slo-Flo reservoir that lets plants thrive while using water wisely.

💚 Depending on how thirsty your plant is, the reservoir provides your plant water for up to two weeks.

💚 Our planters do not come with plants but we have the following recommendations: Orchids, Philodendron, Anthurium, Pothos, Asparagus Ferns, Monsterra, Aloe vera, Kentia palm, Experiment with your favourite plants!

What you get: Sky Planter, ceiling hook and plastic anchor plug, 30cm extension wire, plastic mesh (keeps dirt from falling!)

Large ~ H 18.7cm x D 15cm 💚 fits 15cm house plants
Medium ~ H 15cm x D 12cm 💚  fits 12cm house plants
Small ~ H 12.9cm x D 9.3cm 💚  fits 9cm house plants


A note on sustainability: While ceramic is a natural material and thus, biodegradable, it is heavier to ship and requires much more packaging to prevent breakages. Our Recycled Sky Planter is made from the wasted scraps off the factory floor, uses less energy to ship and requires minimal packaging (just a cardboard sleeve). It's made from polypropylene which is much more recyclable than you'll find in your average grocery store dairy isle. We've also made it so you can take the whole thing apart so you can easily adhere to recycling guidelines. We know it's not perfect but we keep striving toward a more sustainable, shared future.  


Check out our Sky Planter FAQs and see our Youtube Channel for demos