Hi, we’re Boskke. Our name comes from the Old English term “bosky”, meaning “small forest”.

Boskke is above all else a family business. It all started in 2009 when two brothers, with their multi-award-winning Sky Planter; an upside-down-pot that allows you to grow plants from your ceiling, founded Boskke on their belief that growing plants in your urban homes and workspaces was beneficial on so many levels: This belief still guides everything we do today.

We, Jacob and Patrick Morris, were raised in rural Matakana in New Zealand,  where our father, a potter, started in 1977 his own ceramics company called Morris & James Pottery & Tileworks. He was renowned for his huge, hand thrown pots and his use of bright glazes. 


As two brothers, along with our little sister Rosamund who also joined Boskke in 2019, we grew up with our hands in clay, and worked regularly in the family business as teenagers and young adults.  We have been surrounded by garden pots for most of our lives. With this heritage, Boskke is a continuity of the passion our father had for ceramic design, and in turn instilled in us siblings.

Boskke’s family legacy has been translated into a niche urban design brand specialising in self watering plant pots.  As well as our hero product, the Sky Planter, we have now added a number of planting solutions to the Boskke family, all designed to make gardening easy, and add beauty to everyday spaces.  

When it comes to our homes, offices and cities all over the world, we firmly believe that the greener, the better. Solution focussed, all of our planters use an innovative Slo-Flo irrigation system, slowly watering your plants over time making keeping them alive even easier. 

Today Boskke is still run by these three New Zealand siblings, currently located in Matakana - New Zealand, London - UK and Lyon - France.  


The 12 Hour Store: Boskke from Boskke on Vimeo.

 Brands we work with include: