Kitchen Witch 🍽 Boskke Bundle

We can't promise amazing, aromatic tinctures and herbal remedies with these Till Planters but you can definitely start to feel a little more excited about indoor gardening and maybe 2021 will have some secret ingredients. But honestly, having fresh herbs is such a a luxury and so many herbs are also medicinal. Bonus. 

We recommend using the Triple for your kitchen, gifting the two singles, and putting some sexy house plants in the large Tills.  

Base bundle includes:
1x Triple Till (Small) ~ H 9.3cm x L 35.5cm x W 11.5cm - fits three 10.5cm herbs/house plants
2x Till Single Small H 9.3cm x L 11.5cm x W 11.5cm - fits 10.5cm herbs/house plants
2x Till Single Large ~ H 10.8cm x L 13.5cm x W 13.5cm - fits 12cm herbs/house plants

You can add more planters to your order and receive the same awesome deal.

Our planters do not come with plants but the Till was developed for use with herbs and edibles, and also work for decorative houseplants. You decide!