We designed this product alongside O'Hanlon Herbs in Ireland to work with their everyday kitchen herbs. The two sizes effortlessly fit store-bought herbs so all you need to do is swap from the icky disposable container to the sleek Boskke planter, fill the reservoir with water, and watch as your herbs stick around for another several dinners.  P

Available in Singles (see below) or Triple for added herbaceous variety

A note on sustainability: Our Till Planters is made from polypropylene, which is much more recyclable than you'll find in your average grocery store dairy isle. Because it's so lightweight, it's safer to ship and requires less packaging (just a cardboard sleeve). We've also made it so you can take the whole thing apart so you can easily adhere to recycling guidelines. We know it's not perfect but we keep striving toward a more sustainable, shared future.  


Small Till H 9.3cm x L 11.5cm x W 11.5cm

Large Till H 10.8cm x L 13.5cm x W 13.5cm