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Sky Planter Recycled

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Did you know?

Our Sky Planter Recycled is...

💚 Made from recycled plastic (waste from the factory floor)
💚 SO easy to plant, even grandma can do it⁠
💚 Fits standard nursery plant sizes
💚 Perfect for tight spaces
💚 Plants lift spirits and improve air quality

We love pottery

We grew up surrounded by ceramic. Literally, everything from our indoor tiled floors to the outdoor water features at our family house in rural New Zealand is made by our dad. He and our mum started a renowned ceramics company called  Morris & James Pottery & Tileworks. There are still pots or 'rejects' around every corner. This rich legacy is the foundation from which we tackle contemporary solutions for urban gardening.

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Climate conscience

As New Zealanders, we have a special, unmediated appreciation for nature. Our dad always found ways to weave in broken pottery into the framework of our home. Forty years after he started Morris & James, we at Boskke are finding similar ways to upcycle waste and reduce packaging. We aren't perfect, but we continually strive to have what we call a clear climate conscience.  

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Sexy, functional planters with our self-watering, Slo-Flo reservoir lets plants thrive and uses water wisely.